Upgrade Opera II offer: free AMC for a year*

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*The offer is available to Opera II customers with a valid AMC.
The offer is valid until 24 January 2017.

Upgrade Opera II to Opera 3stepping stones

Reasons to upgrade to Opera 3:

Make better business decisions.
With improved reporting in Opera 3, you can make better business decisions. Run multiple reports at the same time so you can now easily compare information from one report with the next. Need to do more data manipulation? Now you can with many Opera 3 reports outputting to MS Excel. Spend more time analysing and waste less time.

Enjoy a new user experience.
Opera 3 has a brand new user interface with a bright, fresh look and feel. The introduction of a ribbon bar navigation and custom designed icons make the user experience better.

Run business critical tasks at a convenient time.
The new Scheduler application allows you to run some of your Opera 3 tasks at a time that suits you. Schedule tasks such as period ends, system back up and tidy system files to run overnight or over the weekend so you do not disrupt the day to day running of your business.

Correct mistakes and keep track of them.
No one is perfect and we all make mistakes. You can now correct errors easily with the fully auditable Rectify Nominal Journal facility. A complete Nominal Journal may be re-posted to the correct Nominal Period, or individual lines can be amended and re-analysed to an alternative Nominal Account, with access to the 2 additional Nominal analysis codes included as standard in Opera 3.

Stay in the know with the Opera 3 Info Centre.
A brand new website is now available just for the Opera 3 user. This is a resource centre for your Opera 3 solution, with everything you need to know at your fingertips. What’s coming soon? Are there any special offers available? Get to know your solution better with Opera 3 Top Tips.

Get more help and work smarter.
The Opera 3 Help has been restructured and significantly enhanced to make adapting to your new solution easy. It now includes a What’s New section and a How To section. Each form has a Help button that opens the Help topic relevant to that form, so you don’t have to wade through mountains of information. Most Help topics include a Related Topics Help button.

Have more flexibility in Financials.
The Open Period Accounting facility gives you the option of keeping the Nominal Ledger open for posting transactions in the previous, current and up to the next three financial years. This makes the Nominal Ledger a far more powerful and flexible tool in which to analyse your financial data.

Enjoy better security for peace of mind.
With the introduction of password expiry in Opera 3, the potential for abuse of compromised passwords is limited to a specific period of time. When passwords are used, the number of days can be defined after which the user must change their password. Reduce your risk and keep your data safe.

Work faster and more easily.
Now with double click processing, you can have instant access to any notes or documents attached to an Account or transaction. This saves you lots of time searching and gives you the information you need at your fingertips. When you see the icon displayed, just double click. Plus, the mouse wheel navigation lets you scroll through your records with speed and makes it easy for users to find the record they need.

Other Enhancements.
Other enhancements include full integration with MS Office 2010; mouse wheel navigation to speed up your record searching: meaningful icons for Processing, Report and Analysis Bar for fewer keystrokes, less searching and better displayed results; and order of tabs can now be changed and the Favourites bar has been brought into the Opera 3 ribbon bar to improve access to the system.

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