Software Services

For  over 20 years, we have been helping our customers by providing bespoke software solutions either as a complete development in its own right or as an added enhancement to a standard ERP system.

Here is a selection of such solutions:

Batch Invoicing Assistant:

How to batch emails invoices from Opera II/ Opera 3?

Now there is a tool for you from IT Architechture. This utility automatically keeps track of your invoices, flagging those that have already been emailed. Any newly generated invoices will be sent by email to customers with a few simple key strokes. The tool is very easy to install and run, yet it will save time and money..  read more.

QuickBooks Integration:

Endeavour is our own ERP solution for the SMB market place. It provides a complete project management, costing and order processing solution that seamlessly integrates with various modules from standard accounting systems such as QuickBooks. This system provide links with nominal, sales, purchase, stock modules as well as others such as VAT … read more.

Review and Search Utility for Pegasus Opera SOP

This utility from IT Architechture is an improvement on the standard “Find Document” Action in the SOP and Invoicing Modules.
With this utility you will be able to trace and locate Documents (particularly the ones with multiple Deliveries and Invoices).
Additional features:
• Powerful filtered searching with soft matching.. read more

KPI Cube

Keeping a close watch on business operations is a key factor in the well being of any company. Understanding the financial position of the organisation can help to ensure success – whatever the business climate. The importance of a meaningful and accurate management reporting delivered quickly and easily at the end of each month cannot be underestimated.

In order to assist users of Pegasus Opera software, we have developed our own Business Intelligence tool – KPI Cube. KPI Cube will assist in the production of a management pack easily and quickly and help present it in a way that is easy for all to understand. The pack can then be used each month by the Accounts Team to quickly distribute information about those factors which need to be reported on and analysed. KPI Cube can help by:

* Reducing the number of days to collate information, allowing more time to review results
* Spotting errors and/or trends quickly, allowing for easy correction or shift in focus for the business
* Improving the relationship with external organisations such as accountants, shareholders, banks etc

Pegasus Opera Bespokes:

Opera Enhanced Contract Costing

Opera Oracle CRM integration

Opera Enhanced Traceability

Opera Quick Stock Edit

Opera Event Management

Opera Enhanced SMS to SOP integration

Forthcoming information:

School Fee Management System

Endeavour ERP System