Intact iQ ERP

The intact iQ Financial contains all traditional functionality you would expect in a business management software package with additional features such as workflows, dashboards, schedule reporting, security policies, and complete audit trails.

This powerful ERP system offers all in one business management tools which give you a streamlined and automated financial reporting system.

IT Architechture is also proud that it has developed its own business intelligence too, KPI Cube. KPI Cube will assist in the production of a business management pack easily and quickly and help present it in a way that is easy for all to understand. The pack can then be used each month by the accounts team to quickly distribute information about those factors which need to be reported on and analyzed. KPI Cube can help by:

* Reducing the number of days to collate information, allowing more time to review results
* Spotting errors and/or trends quickly, allowing for easy correction or shift in focus for the business
* Improving the relationship with external organizations such as accountants, shareholders, banks etc.

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