Financial Reporting & Business Intelligence

Organizations face the same reporting challenges monthly, annually and indeed daily, when they have to collect data and report on various aspects of the business such as profit or loss, stock movements, customers/suppliers transactions, turnover, budget management etc. Most likely, these reports have to be made available to the government, regulation bodies, shareholders, managers, banks, head office and others. Ideally one would use a business intelligence tool that helps collect data quickly with the minimum of effort and least errors in making these reports, yet at the same time is easy to use and can translate data into graphs and charts with drill-through.

IT Architechture has over 20 years’ experience in business management with considerable expertise in business intelligence. The combination of our expertise and the selection of industry-leading BI tools will ensure that you will get the reports that matter to you with ease.

IT Architechture has experience with the following tools:

Pegasus XRL: a powerful tool which links Excel with Pegasus Opera 3 or Sage line 50, enabling you to import your live financial data into a spreadsheet. With its flexibility, ease of use and advanced drilldown capabilities, Pegasus XRL delivers fast and accurate information to provide enhanced analytical power for better decision making.

Pegasus Dashboards: provide a visual representation of key business information in real time through a wide range of formats defined by the user, with powerful drilldowns to underlying data. This makes it possible to easily identify trends/issues and take immediate action.

Intact software: This powerful ERP system offers all in one business management tools which give you a streamlined and automated financial reporting system.

IT Architechture is also proud that it has developed its own business intelligence too, KPI Cube. KPI Cube will assist in the production of a business management pack easily and quickly and help present it in a way that is easy for all to understand. The pack can then be used each month by the accounts team to quickly distribute information about those factors which need to be reported on and analyzed. KPI Cube can help by:

* Reducing the number of days to collate information, allowing more time to review results
* Spotting errors and/or trends quickly, allowing for easy correction or shift in focus for the business
* Improving the relationship with external organizations such as accountants, shareholders, banks etc.