Customer Relations Management (CRM)

It has never been more  important to keep your customers happy. Customers are more interested than ever in getting extra value, better prices and longer term commitments from you, your products and your services.  In order to have a clear visibility into all stages of the sales process, from the first point of contact, to managing prospects, converting prospects to customers, managing the customer relationship, reporting on their profitability and increasing your business potential with them, you need a system that helps you see the clear picture.

At IT Architechture, we have built up considerable expertise in this area, assisting with product selection, training and consultancy and on-going support. However, we have found that none of the standard off-the-shelf CRM systems manage to closely meet customer requirements, for every customer works differently. This is why we developed our own product, one of the most flexible CRM systems on the market. is an easy to use and intuitive relationship management system. It is designed to solve sales management problems and to bring real benefits to your business. It is more than just a contact management system. It can handle everything from next action dates to opportunity management, marketing activities and logging and attending to customer problems.  It is a high performance system for sharing and handling customer information. This Internet-based CRM solution has all the features that fully integrate your business processes from basic contact management to sales force automation. is fully scalable from 5 to 5000 users covering quotations, orders and sales histories. This powerful tool also helps you manage sales campaigns and identify key opportunities. Although the system is feature-rich, it is however easy to use and easy to configure to your requirements

Furthermore, is accessible anywhere, either through your company’s Virtual Private Network (VPN) or via any web connection.

Salient Features of

Data Synchronisation:

Many CRM offerings are based on data synchronisation between users’ data and the central server. Synchronisation, irrespective of the system in use is almost always prone to problems (not least because of lack of discipline on part of the salesmen). With our solution, since the data is always held in a central server, synchronisation is not an issue.

Remote Access

With access is available to the system from absolutely anywhere whether back at the head office, a branch office, customer site or at home.

A Fully Managed Service

With, you only need to focus on getting the best out of the system. The IT-related issues are reduced to the very minimum. You do not need to worry about any of the following issues:

• Server Installation
• Client Installation
• Backup /Restore
• Conflict with other applications/ software
• Software upgrades
• Hardware compatibility

In fact the only requirement is to have available a good Internet connection, Internet Explorer and standard Microsoft Office applications.

Simple Financial Arrangement

With our service, for a single monthly payment not only you get the licence to use, but you also get the benefits of the managed service (as outlined above), hosting of the data application and user data, telephone/ email/ internet support and free software bugs and data fixes.


We believe that is one of the most flexible CRM packages around; it can so very easily be tailored to meet customer requirements. Almost any Tab/ Field/ View/ Report can be changed to meet your requirements.


The system is designed to emulate the way people work in real life. There are numerous ways for the system to be tailored to reflect the customer organisational/ hierarchical structure. An additional useful security by-product of is that since it is only accessed via Internet Explorer, the data is not available to the user as it would if it were on a local server, therefore further reducing chances of users ‘walking’ away with the data.

More information: Brochure Pricing Presentation