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Customer relationship management (CRM) is the backbone of any successful company.

As a business professional you will know that managing customer relationships is the key to successful company growth. IT Architechture recognises that CRM systems are a vital tool that will help you underpin your most important business strategies, enabling you to manage successful relationships with your customers. IT Architechture has successfully implemented numerous CRM installations, but found that many systems are wanting in many respects. For that reason, IT Architechture developed CRM software which we believe to be one of the most advanced CRM systems in the market. provides all the essential tools needed to build an effective CRM system to manage and control your sales. It offers:
• Companies and contacts management
• Opportunities management
• Documents management
• Campaigns management
• Quotes and actions generated from the system
• Filter wizard reports integrated with Windows applications such as  Microsoft Word and Excel or even to be exported to an external package
• In-built security system
• Cloud based system with no hassle of server installation, back ups, or upgrade worries is an easy to use and an intuitive relationship management system. It is designed to solve sales management problems and bring real benefits to your business. is more than just contact management, it is a central resource for you to access all customer data, documents and other information. – A feature rich package
• Customise any field or view –  Use it how you want to.
• Set actions for clients and users
• Manage marketing campaigns
• Track client correspondence
• Attach quotes, letters, emails and all documents.
• Set future actions and recurrent actions on client records
• Automate quotes, letters and emails
• Create reports and export to MS Word and Excel
• Target specific groups with the campaign management tools
• Search on any field
• Report on any field or criteria
• Synchronise with MS Outlook
• Mail merge using MS Office
• Inbuilt diary and scheduler
• Synchronise data with Back Office systems and accounts package

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