Review and Search Utility for Pegasus Opera SOP

13th Tuesday, 2012  |  News, Uncategorized  |   no comments

This utility from IT Architechture is an improvement on the standard “Find Document” Action in the SOP and Invoicing Modules.

image 1

With this utility you will be able to trace and locate Documents (particularly the ones with multiple Deliveries and Invoices).
Additional features:
• Powerful filtered searching with soft matching.
• Soft matching the Code, Description and Memo text in detail lines (Deliveries and Invoices).
• Edit detail line Description and Memo text.
• Audit Trail of Documents of all types with Export to Excel.
• “Copy As Document” from any existing SOP Document. Very useful if you have repeat or like orders .

image 2

• Detail Line Editing for Description and Memo fields

 image 3

The utility is easy to install and requires no UDS.