Hasselblad (UK) Case Study

May 21, 2014

Hasselblad (UK) Ltd, the Elstree-based company, which distributes cameras in the UK, much loved by the serious amateur and professional photographer has been using Pegasus Opera for over 16 years.

Hasselblad Financial Controller Helen Green explains,
“Opera 3 is very flexible. Our knowledge of the product goes back to 1998 when we started a project to acquire a new accounting system to replace the then non-Y2K compatible system. We were looking for one complete package, which would meet our needs. We discovered Opera, opted for it, and are very pleased.”

IT Architechture, with their considerable expertise in individual software projects advised and helped Hasselblad (UK) with this project.

IT Architechture Director, Amir Farhan, says;
“Opera may have replaced a bigger system at Hasselblad but it handles a larger workload and Opera’s flexibility makes it ideal. It allows Hasselblad to analyse sales over a period of time in various regions. Reports can indicate sales of individual items, or groups in a region, or sales made by an individual salesman.”

Over the years the system has been continuously updated with upgrades to Opera II and then to the latest Opera 3 in 2011. It has also been expanded with the addition of XRL Business Intelligence and also CRM modules. Furthermore IT Architechture proposed and implemented a bespoke database solution to help track every stage of the service and repair process. The Service Management System produces full documentation such as estimates, pro-forma’s, despatch notes and invoices. Sales invoice data is then uploaded into Pegasus Opera with our own Import Manager Module.

The system has now been in place at Hasselblad for over 16 years, underlining IT Architechture’s commitment to meeting and supporting our client evolving business needs.

Finally it is also worth mentioning that Hasselblad also uses our BluePrint service. This provides for an integrated IT support service covering hardware/software and operating systems.

The Hasselblad name has been linked with cameras almost since the early days of photography itself. Hasselblad’s tradition of designing cameras with photographers in mind, for superior image quality, for reliability and versatility goes back more than half a century.

For more information https://www.hasselblad.co.uk/