E A Group (UK) Ltd Case Study

February 11, 2013

EA Group (UK) Ltd is part of the Electro Automation group of companies. EA Group (UK) Ltd is a recognised leader in automation and control within Europe supporting a wide range of products and systems such as CCTV systems, access control, automatic gates, car parking and automatic door systems. Based in Surrey within the UK, EA Group operates nationally with further service support facilities in both Manchester and Nottingham.

Dominic Haswell, Project Manager at EA Group explains:
‘For many years, we were using a specially developed piece of software to manage our service calls.  This however was no longer capable of coping with the expansion in our business and the ever-increasing management reporting requirements. We started looking for alternative off-the-shelf solutions. To our surprise, we found that the really functional ones were rather costly’

Amir Farhan of IT Architechture adds:
‘We have been approached by the EA Group for a solution to their service management. Interestingly the EA Group was already using Pegasus Opera II accounting software. Pegasus had recently launched an integrated service management solution, so the EA Group investigated the Pegasus offering and decided to go ahead with’

Dominic Haswell adds that their choice of the Pegasus solution was based on a number of factors such impressive functionality, lower cost of ownership and above all full integration with the financial modules thereby cutting the billing cycle drastically. Additionally IT Architechture has strong software development skills. This was especially important with data migration.

John McMullan of IT Architechture explains:
‘The EA Group’s old service system was written in Access, with the financials held in Opera.  Our goal was to transfer all the Access data into the new Opera II CRM modules (Sales Pipeline, Service and Helpdesk Management), and avoid the need to refer back to the old system.

We set up a “Training” company in Opera, and wrote a special Data Pump application to convert the data for the testing phases.  This allowed the client to browse and visualise the data simultaneously in both systems and also carry out a significant cleanup of their old data.

The final run of the Data Pump transferred 23,000 Helpdesk records along with all Client, Contact and Site data to the live Opera II system.  Even previous links to 10,000 Word and PDF files were carried over to the new system.  This was crucial to The EA Group in order to maintain history and continuity’

The EA Group now enjoys improved customer service, fast response times, shorter billing cycles and better management reporting. There are now plans afoot to further expand the system functionality to the use of hand-held PDAs to help field engineers with their call-outs. The EA Group is also looking into improving the customer experience by enabling them to do their own call logging and following the call progress by using a simple internet browser screen over the web.

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