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When you move to Pegasus Business Cloud, you can access a complete business solution online, at the office or on mobile devices, anytime, anywhere. And with your complete business solution online, you no longer need local servers, storage or networking, freeing up valuable office space, reducing associated costs, and eliminating security and back-up issues. All of these costs and security concerns are replaced with a simple monthly fee to access your online business solution.

Cloud computing means you no longer have to buy network hardware or software, these all become a service that you pay for on a monthly basis. With this online solution comes flexibility and adaptability, you can add users and applications at any time. Pegasus Business Cloud offers a way to modernise your business quickly, easily and cost effectively. It allows you to adapt to the changing nature of technology as we move to an ever increasingly mobile way of working, to give you a competitive advantage. So let’s have a look at what it means for business by staying still and not adopting a cloud solution.

The 5 biggest Costs of Failing to Move your Business over to the Cloud:

1. Increasing and on going cost of hardware

Managing and maintaining your own network or data centre can be very costly on an annual basis especially for support and maintenance contracts, hardware and software upgrades, admin, people costs, plus much more. These all add to the on going annual cost of managing your in house system, by removing these costs and replacing them with a cloud system, savings can be diverted to other areas of the business and can be used more productively.

2. Lack of competitiveness

In today’s 24/7 world where we live in an “everything on” environment, the need to respond quickly to any situation is essential. New competitors can appear virtually overnight, changing the way you have to do business and taking market share very quickly. Many of these businesses now use cloud platforms for their business in order to rapidly build IT, expand and add scale to gain market share or even new markets before slower competitors can react. The cloud’s ability to support these businesses growth plans is something that is becoming harder to ignore.

3. Preventing business growth

Businesses today are fast moving and acquisitive i.e. eager to buy up other companies, so the ability to manage mergers and acquisitions effectively is a challenge. Hardware, software and infrastructure can hinder this drive whereas the cloud offers a far superior, efficient and economical solution to smooth the transition.

4. Lack of disaster recovery planning

Its not a nice area to think about for a business but an on-premise system is potentially one fire or flood away from a disastrous position. Of course backups do help but they are only one part of the equation and a hosted cloud solution offers more business continuity. They offer recovery and fail-over capabilities that most companies cannot match independently and normally have restore services at another location to ensure that continuity. There are not many businesses that can afford to manage and maintain an IT system with that level of redundancy.

5. Mobile workforce

By moving to the cloud you are removing any barriers that the workforce may have gaining access to the system. Any employee with an Internet connection can access applications anytime, anywhere using mobile devices like tablets as well as conventional laptops. This adds to a company’s productivity and competitiveness by delivering a higher level of customer satisfaction than traditional on premise systems.


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