Opera 3 and Opera II Payroll Upgrades 2018

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The 2018 Payroll Upgrade releases will be Opera 3 (2.50.00) and Opera II (7.70.00), and will cover the legislative changes required to complete the 2017/18 year end and start the 2018/19 tax year. The releases will be available in early February.

Remember that this will be the last time that an Opera II Payroll Upgrade will be issued.

Summary of changes:

– Auto Enrolment contribution increases: under automatic enrolment, minimum pension contributions are required to increase on defined dates over time.

– National Minimum and Living wage: new warnings and a report to assist with compliance.

– Increase in State Pension Age: by October 2020, the state pension age for both men and women will reach 66.

– New option to always round up pension contributions: some pension providers require that contributions are always rounded up to the nearest pence.

– Real Time Information (RTI): changes for the new Government Gateway and RTI submissions.

– Relaxing of data validation rules: relaxing data recording rules in the Personnel application and customer and supplier deletion in the ledgers.

– PAYE, NI and statutory payments: the rates, bandwidths and thresholds have been updated as per the changes announced in the Autumn Statement and the Scottish Budget.

– Auto enrolment thresholds: these have been updated as per the changes announced by The Pensions Regulator. Electronic P60 formats: these have been updated and approved by HMRC.

– The Personnel Benefits form in the Personnel application has been changed to match minor changes to labels on the P11D introduced by HMRC.

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