Pegasus Opera 2016 Payroll

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Below is a summary of payroll changes for the 2015-16 year-end and the 2016-17 tax year:Tax and NI

  • Rates and thresholds for the 2016-17 tax year
  • Abolition of employer’s NI for apprentices under 25
  • Scottish Rate of Income Tax (SRIT)
  • P60 (End of year certificates) for the 2015-16 tax year.


RTI Submissions

  • Full Payment Submission
  • Employer Payment Summary.
  • Student loans – Plans 1 and 2

Payrolling of benefits in kind in real time

  • Most benefits can be included in the payroll in real time rather than on the P11D end-of-year expenses and benefits form.
  • Fuel Type ‘E’ is no longer valid when reporting car benefits on the P11D end-of-year expenses and benefits form.



  • Female State Pension Age changes
  • Removal of Contracting out of the State Second Pension
  • Holding onto NEST contributions amendments
  • NEST contribution file amendments.


Statutory payments

  • Additional Statutory Paternity Pay is no longer payable.


Attachment orders

  • New Higher rate Direct Earnings Attachments (DEA)
  • Scottish Earnings Arrestments (EA) and Current Maintenance Arrestments (CMA).