Does your business need a CRM?

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Whether your business is selling a service, a product, products, using call centre, Web based or having single or multiple show rooms, one can list many reasons why you need a Customer Relation Management (CRM) system.  Here are 10 good ones:

1) To keep all customers’ data in one place
2) For data to be accessed by all your company’s departments
3) To generate data that allow you to evaluate and develop (or even execute) actions for each customer, marketing campaign, offer and sales representative
4) To provide you with reports to enable you to predict the future of business overall using transactional history and employee performance
5) To provide you with instant data to help you analyse your business and identified gaps in your sales process or customer service
6) To provide you with full history of communications, documents, sales, etc. for all your clients
7) To be able to follow and watch closely your sales process from the start till the end. It should be able to assign leads and track opportunities
8) To plan your actions, campaigns, meetings, etc. and synchronise these plans with standard MS Outlook
9) To enable marketing, selling, and service functions to be automated and integrated.
10) To build and maintain long-term relations with customers

Good CRM should reduce costs, improve service quality, lift productivity, increase customer satisfaction, increase profit and expand business.

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