Architectural Design and Support Service

When you’ve outgrown your living space, one option is to move house yet when you weigh up the expense of upsizing, it’s not too difficult to see why many home owners choose to stay put and amplify their homes. Quite often the cost of moving home (stamp duty, legitimate charges and different expenses) alone will probably outweigh the cost of home improvement. In the process of enhancing your present home, you would appreciate the additional advantage of your property expanding in size and almost always a good business proposition. For example, adding a single storey extension can ramp up the value of your house by 10% or more depending on the type of extension.
Whatever house extension you may be contemplating, our objective is to assist you with architectural design as well as with the regulatory requirements that you will encounter in such a project, namely: Building Regulations, Planning Permissions and Structural calculations.

Building regulations or planning permissions, what is the difference?

The main difference between the two concepts lies in the fact that building regulations are a set of standards that needs to be met for any type of construction (internal or external or both). Planning permission is a set of general guidelines that need to be proven being met by the participants, however they are not required for all types of construction. For example, building work, such as internal alterations, Buildings Regulations authorisation will possibly be needed, but Planning Permission may not be. If you are in any doubt you can contact us for an advice and we will be able to help you through both processes.

Building Regulations

The Building Regulations are minimum required standards for design, development and changes to essentially every building. They are produced by the Government and endorsed by Parliament.
The Building Regulations likewise contain a rundown of necessities that are intended to guarantee the minimum benchmarks for health, safety, welfare, comfort, and to avoid pollution of water supplies.
These controls set national standards for building work, whether it be on a noteworthy new improvement or an expansion or modification to your home. They cover all parts of development, including foundations, damp-proofing, the overall stability of the building, insulation, ventilation, heating, fire protection and evacuation means in the event of fire.
We will carry out the following tasks for you:
• Draft Design until confirmation
• Provide two sets of Full Plans, electronic and Hard copy
• Full expert Advice and Support
• Receive Final plans
• Includes any resubmission and revisions of plans

Planning Permission

Most new buildings or major changes to existing buildings need consent – known as planning permission. Without a planning system everyone could construct buildings or use land in any way they wanted, no matter what effect this would have on other people who live and work in their area. Your local planning authority is responsible for deciding whether a development – anything from an extension on a house to a new shopping centre – can go ahead.
We submit your planning application to your council and follow through with the process ourselves without having to trouble you with anything to do with planning permission application. We assist with:
• Draft designs until confirmation
• Full advice and support
• Includes providing options for the client and revising with them
• For applications in Conservation Areas a Design and Access Statement will be required,
• As your agent we will submit to the council.

Structural Calculations

Our structural calculation packages include the following:
• A plan of the project with all structural elements labelled.
• A full set of calculations to justify the type/size of each element (steel, foundation, pad stone etc.)
• A full set of steelwork connection details.
• All provided as a single PDF document.
• We will also make any amendments and answer queries from you or your sub-contractors.
• Our structural calculation packages are suitable for building control submission, steel fabrication orders and for use on-site for construction.

Single / Double Storey Extension

Expansions can differ massively, from two-story ones that double the size of a house, to the expansion of an additional first floor room. Since they are so different, it is hard to put a figure on the amount they cost or how much value they will add on to your property. Statistics show that a double storey extension can add as much as 20% to the value of your property.
An expansion done well that can be a key selling point – and one you can appreciate for a long time as an owner.
Deciding on whether to do a double or single storey extension can be a very stressful experience. This is why we are here, we offer unlimited independent advice completely free of charge to go through your options and help you through your decision making process.
Our Charges:
Single Storey Extension
Planning Application from £475.00
Building Regulation from £450.00
Site Survey from £90.00
Double Storey Extension
Planning Application from £999*
Building Regulation from £450.00
Site Survey from £90.00

Loft Conversion

This is relatively the easiest approach to make an additional room, and potentially an additional bathroom – which can also aid in increasing the value of your property. Before you begin, it’s worth getting us to check the space, and let you know whether it has potential. You should strengthen the floor joists which will raise the floor of the loft, so you will require our expertise on whether you will have a working space to stand up in at the end of the project.
In the event that the loft is feasible, you can spend as little as £20,000 on a loft conversion, and in the process add as much as £40,000 to the value estimation of the property.
If you are unsure about loft conversion, this is not a problem! We offer an unlimited and friendly advice to guide you through your decision process whether a loft conversion is feasible and how much value it will add to your property.

Flat Conversion

One of the most lucrative types of property development is converting an unused space of offices or shops into flats. The profit made can reach triple or quadruple the investment price, depending on location and the quality of conversion done.
If you are not sure about converting your property to flat, not a problem! We offer unlimited free and friendly advice to guide you through your decision process whether a Flat conversion is a feasible and how much value will it add to your property. We can provided all the necessary advice and support for you to successfully get planning permission for your conversion proposal.
Planning Application from £1100.00
Building Regulation from £850.00
Site Survey from £150.00

Garage Conversion

Around 90% of all garages in the UK don’t contain a vehicle, which makes it ideal for use as a potential living space. Converting a garage into a living space can add a lavish value to your property.
On the off chance that your garage is connected to the house, you can spend around £10,000 and £20,000 converting it into an additional room.
One recommended approach is to convert it into another bedroom and bathroom – which could add up to £40,000 onto the value of your home. If it were the case that the garage was fairly small, it could be possible to change the design to that of a study room, which can potentially add an extra £20,000 to the value of your home.

Basement Extension

The premium on space has seen an enthusiastic increased momentum for basements conversion as they become elevated from negligible storage spaces to everyday living spaces. In the event that you have a basement, it might bode well to extend it and transform it into a living space.
Depending on the type of basement conversion and location, the venture can easily increase the value of your property by as much as 30%. Certain areas in London such as Fulham, basement conversion is now the most common form of development and the business is growing by 50% per year.
If you are not sure about converting your basement, not a problem. We offer unlimited free and friendly advice to guide you through your decision process whether a basement conversion is feasible and how much value will it add to your property.
Planning Application from £900.00
Building Regulation from £700.00
Site Survey from £125.00

Convert Your Garden into a Driveway

In any area where parking is difficult to find, off-road parking will always be a winner. You may require planning permissions for this, and you will need to apply to have the kerb dropped, however this type of development could add as much as £50,000 of significant worth to your house in some areas.
If you are not sure about converting your garden into a drive, we offer unlimited friendly advice to guide you through your decision process whether a garden conversion is feasible and how much value it will add to your property.